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About America United Pageant - Our Director

Janet Linge Chowning

Janet is no stranger to pageantry. She began competing when she was a teenager and continued competing into her 40’s holding several state, local and national titles. The pageant bug has never left her blood. She began directing pageants in 1992 and since then has directed on the local, state and national levels. Janet sees pageantry as a way to open doors and make the crazy world we live in a better place. She is married to her husband Clay and is mother to one son and two daughters (who also have held national titles) and grandmother to three granddaughters and 3 grandsons.


Why Should You Enter the America United Pageant?

The America United Pageant is a  Community Service National Pageant Supporting Our Military and First Responders that provides a great opportunity for contestants to interact with other outstanding women to compete for our National Divisional Titles as well as our Optional Title of Talent and Civic - Community Service.  We also have Congeniality, Photogenic and The Pageantry Spirit Award, sponsored by Pageantry Magazine. Special awards will be given for Ticket Sales, Contestant and Partner Recruitment, Directors Award and Presidents Volunteer Service Awards.

State Queens Receive Many Resources to Help You Win Your Crown!

  1. Official America United Pageant Custom Business Cards and Official Bling T-Shirt

  2. Partner and Recruitment Opportunities to Earn Cash and Points towards the top title of Elite Queen

  3. National Exposure for Your Charities and Causes

  4. “Monthly Spotlight” that features our Queens, their charities and a DONATE button for fundraising during the Spotlight.

  5. Availability and Support from your National Co Directors during your journey

  6. Experienced AUP Queen Mentors to help you in Your Preparation for Nationals 

  7. Intensive Interview Skills Training through Articles and Videos from Top Coaches

  8. Opportunities to appear in National Publications and Online Medias representing your title with AUP

  9. Exclusive Pageant Resource Area updated monthly for you in a special Member Only area on our website

  10. Opportunity to earn the Presidents Volunteer Service Awards through your volunteer hours

  11. A large Network of Volunteer Opportunities to help you log hours for the PVSA

  12. Updated list of links to places and projects to Promote Your Title

  13. Articles and Resources for Promoting Your Woman Owned Business through Pageantry

  14. Articles and Resources for Creating your Social Media and other advertising to Promote Your Title

  15. Access to Full Color Official Pageant Graphics and Logos

  16. Full Color custom graphics with Your Photo and Title designed exclusively for you

  17. Examples of live Facebook, Blogs and Pinterest to help you create your social media

  18. Examples of Press Releases to submit to your Local News

  19. Submission information for Pageantry Magazine and other Pageant and Entertainment Media

  20. Personalized Letter of Recommendation of Your Accomplishments from America United Pageant

As a America United Pageant titleholder, You will inspire your peers and consistently strive to make a difference in the lives of those you touch! This amazing experience will allow you to blossom and strengthen your character.  This, even more than the beautiful crown you win, is what makes the America United Pageant so special.

America United Pageant is one of the fastest growing Multi Divisional Community Service National Pageants in the country and we would love to have you JOIN US in Seattle   June 26-29 2024 

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