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Our Areas of Competition

Introduction - 10%        Interview – 50%                Fun Fashion/Fashion Wear – 15%                 
Evening Gown - 25%     
On stage question – 10 points ( in case of a tie)

 Interviews are conducted panel style and are ten (10) minutes for each delegate.

Attire: An Interview Suit, Cocktail Suit, Pantsuit, or a Dress. 



  • The Judges will be looking for articulation, quality of response to questions asked, personality, communication, social skills, and professionalism.

  • Eight minutes of the interview portion will focus on the Personal Bio that you submit.

  • The final two minutes will be devoted to the delegates personal platform. Your Personal Platform can include information on your work with nonprofit organizations, but also on challenges you have overcome, your career, your family, your passion for something, etc.


Attire: "Fashion Wear" or "Fun Fashion" is an outfit that you would wear to a formal event, formal party or another dressy event. 


Any color is acceptable

Judging Criteria:

  • Muscle tone,

  • Overall figure,

  • Stage presence,

  • Personality. 


Attire: Evening Gown-  must be floor length.

The Judges will not be evaluating the cost or designer of the gown. They are looking for :

  • how well the contestant models her gown in terms of technique and elegance,

  • how well the contestant's gown flattered her figure and

  • how well did the contestant express confidence with body type and choice of gown.  

Judging Criteria:

  • Beauty      Modeling    Stage presence      Personality   Poise       Confidence

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